North Fork AA
Meeting List

A comprehensive list of local meetings. 

Weekly Meetings

Sunday at 4:30pm
Greenport Primary Purpose
Zoom Meeting ID: 849 5038 6731
Password: greenport

Sunday at 7pm
Hampton Bays Beginners Mtg
Zoom Meeting ID: 207 160 635
Password: sobriety#1

Monday at 9am
Orient Group
Step Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 926 757 6492
Password: 906910

Monday at 11am
Riverhead – Back to Books
Zoom Meeting ID: 845 720 420
Password: #geekinout

Monday at 12pm
Primetime Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 926 757 6492
Password: 906910

Monday at 1pm
World Famous Step/Big Book
Zoom Meeting ID: 548 973 5229
Password: Mattituck

Monday at 6pm
Southold Settlers
St. Peter’s Church, Greenport
Bring a mask & chair

Monday at 7pm
Southold Spiritual Solutions
Big Book Step
Zoom Meeting ID: 755 128 643

Monday at 7:30pm
Southold Settlers
Polo Grounds/Skatepark
Bring a Mask and Chair

Tuesday at 12:30pm
Southold Lunch Time (CD)
Zoom Meeting ID: 915 4664 7687
Password: southold.

Tuesday at 7:30pm

Cutchogue Step Meeting
Church of God in Christ

Tuesday at 7:30pm
Mattituck Men’s Group
Zoom Meeting ID: 852 601 3503

Wednesday at 7:30am
Mattituck World Famous
As Bill Sees It
Zoom Meeting ID: 208 892 585
Password: 818691

Wednesday at 11:30am
Southold Settlers
Living Sober Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 590 715 2081
Password: 524283


Wednesday at 7pm

Spiritual Solutions Speaker/Topic

North Fork Methodist Church
Southold (across from Erik’s)
Must wear a mask.

Wednesday at 7:30pm
Shelter Island STEP Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 316 078 5187
Password: 421858

Wednesday at 8pm
Mattituck Midweek
Redeemer Episcopal Church
13225 Sound Ave, Mattituck

Thursday at 12:30pm
Mattituck World Famous
Meeting ID: 8308307 6381
Password: mattituck

Thursday at 6pm
Southold Settlers
Step Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 590 715 2081
Password: 524283

Thursday at 6pm
Hampton Bays Women’s Group
Zoom Meeting ID: 995 319 793
Password: #girlsrule

Thursday at 6:30pm
Mattituck Solution Group
Big Book Study
Zoom Meeting ID: 795 760 7425
Password: 123456

Thursday at 7pm
Topic Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 563 611 1476
Password: 11944topic

Friday at 9am
Orient Group – Big Book Stud
Zoom Meeting ID: 926 757 6492
Password: 906910

Friday at 6pm
North Fork Promises Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 818 475 941
Password: 950327

Friday at 7:30pm
Shelter Island New Beginnings
Zoom Meeting ID: 316 078 5187
Password: 421858

Saturday at 8:30am
Methodist Church in Southold 
(the new one across from Erik’s)
Bring mask & chair

Saturday at 10:30am
New Beginnings Women’s Group
Zoom Meeting ID: 617 988 572
Password: 164744

Saturday at 7pm
Southold Weekenders
Zoom Meeting ID: 219 568 346

Saturday at 7:30pm
Shelter Island Group Speaker
Zoom Meeting ID: 520 556 4408
Password: 304263

In order to access the meetings:

Download Zoom using the link below

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Test your microphone

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Mute yourself unless you're called on

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